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home-avionAviation finance is a difficult business and can be daunting for most small and medium sized businesses. The prices of fixed and rotary wing aircraft can be high and the sales process complex and length, that’s why it’s important to use a finance broker that understands the equipment and buying process.

Chevron Equipment Finance has helped many businesses work through the difficulties of obtaining funding for assets such as corporate jets, medical evacuation aircraft as well as large and small helicopters.

Case Study: A client who owns a fleet of helicopters recently required funding on a fleet of 3 aircraft to service a new contract carrying marine pilots to ships off the Australian coast. The client was concerned about taking on the work as the work required a specific aircraft and after the contract was finished the client didn’t want to own the aircraft in case no additional work could be found for them.

We were able to assist by quoting a $20m operating lease which matched the term of the work contract. This gave them the flexibility to lease the aircraft for the work contract and then when the work finished, if they didn’t have any other work for the aircraft, they could simply hand them back to the lender.

This off balance sheet lending worked out to be quite tax effective and gave them the ability to bid confidently for the work.

Aircraft finance can be a complex mine field that requires experience and strong lender relationships to ensure a successful transaction. By using Chevron Equipment Finance you can be assured you’re getting the right finance for the right plane, without any hassle which makes the buying experience a pleasure.