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Why Chevron Equipment Finance?

We understand the complexities of the aviation industry and most importantly we understand the equipment required to get the job done. This means we can provide you with personalised solutions to meet the needs of your growing business so that you’ll thrive rather than just survive.

We finance both new and second hand aircraft purchased through dealers, auctions, private sales or even offshore.

We have an experienced and friendly team ready to help you with your funding requirements. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and achieving the best outcomes for our clients to ensure their success.

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We offer great rates & quick approvals.

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Australia’s Aviation Finance Experts

Aviation finance is a difficult business and can be daunting for most small and medium sized businesses. The prices of fixed and rotary wing aircraft can be high and the sales process complex and length, that’s why it’s important to use a finance broker that understands the equipment and buying process.

Chevron Equipment Finance has helped many businesses work through the difficulties of obtaining funding for assets such as corporate jets, medical evacuation aircraft as well as large and small helicopters.

Case Study: A client who owns a fleet of helicopters recently required funding on a fleet of 3 aircraft to service a new contract carrying marine pilots to ships off the Australian coast. The client was concerned about taking on the work as the work required a specific aircraft and after the contract was finished the client didn’t want to own the aircraft in case no additional work could be found for them.

We were able to assist by quoting a $20m operating lease which matched the term of the work contract. This gave them the flexibility to lease the aircraft for the work contract and then when the work finished, if they didn’t have any other work for the aircraft, they could simply hand them back to the lender. This off balance sheet lending worked out to be quite tax effective and gave them the ability to bid confidently for the work.

Aircraft finance can be a complex mine field that requires experience and strong lender relationships to ensure a successful transaction. By using Chevron Equipment Finance you can be assured you’re getting the right finance for the right aircraft, without any hassle which makes the buying experience a pleasure.

The Application Process

  • Step One: Complete our Pre Approval form – only 5 easy questions.

  • Step Two: From the details you provide, one of our specialist equipment finance brokers will be able to instantly determine whether you’re likely to be approved or not.

  • Step Three: If the chances of approval are high, your broker will request a small amount of information from you which you can easily send through via email.

  • Step Four: Once your information is received, your broker will spend approximately 10 minutes on the phone with you to properly understand your situation and requirements to ensure the most appropriate lender is used.

  • Step Five: All going well, 24-48 hours later you will receive notification of your approval.

Alternatively, give one of our team a call on 1800 334 345 and we’ll come to you anywhere in Australia to discuss your requirements and provide a solution.

Aviation Finance Guide

New Start Businesses

We are able to arrange no deposit finance for applicants with industry experience. Often a deposit or collateral security (such as another piece of equipment owned by the applicant) is required when financing an aircraft for a start up business. However because we take the time to understand your business better we can often avoid or minimise the amount of equity you need to contribute. So please talk to one of our finance consultants to see how we can help you.

Securing The Best Rate

There are a number of factors that will affect the interest rate of your aircraft loan. The best interest rates are offered on aircraft that are less than five years old at the time of purchase. We can also arrange finance for older aircraft but the interest rate may not be as sharp based on the increased risk of an older asset. Lower interest rates may also be offered to an applicant if they have a stable business history with at least two years’ financial statements.

Proof of Income

We require no proof of income for loans up to $500,000 where the applicant has been in business for at least two years, they are purchasing a new or near new aircraft, they have at least 12 months good payment history on a similar equipment loan, the applicant is asset back and their taxes are paid and up to date.

Bad Credit History

It may be more difficult to obtain finance if an applicant has a limited or poor credit history. However we have several lenders that will consider minor credit issues including rent-to-own products which are much more flexible than traditional lending options.

Aviation Finance FAQs

Can I finance a used aircraft?

Yes, we can find you finance for both new and used aircraft.

Can I get an aircraft loan without a deposit?

Yes – we offer no deposit finance options. This means you may be able to purchase your aircraft without any collateral or a deposit.

Can I get finance for more than one aircraft?

Yes – we can help individuals and businesses of all sizes with any aircraft purchase. Whether you’re looking to buy a corporate jet, medical evacuation aircraft or a fleet of rotary wing aircraft, we’ll be sure to find you the best aviation finance option that meets your needs.

Can you help me even if I have bad credit?

We can find competitive aviation finance solutions for you or your business even if you have bad credit (subject to some conditions) – please talk to one of our finance consultants to see how we can help you.

I’m interested in rent to own options for an aircraft – can you help me?

Yes – our network of lenders offer a variety of flexible leasing and rental options to suit the needs of your business.

Can I purchase my aircraft at the end of rental period?

Yes – you can purchase your aircraft at the end of the lease by paying out the residual value at the end of the lease term. Our flexible lease options also allow you to exchange your aircraft for a new one by trading it in at the end of the lease.

Can you help me with finance for my aircraft?

Yes – our finance consultants specialise in arranging finance for an aircraft.

Can I finance an aircraft if I buy it from an auction or second hand?

Yes – you can purchase from any reputable auction house or from a private seller. Our finance consultants will work with the private seller to ensure all of the transaction paperwork is correct so that you can be sure to receive the title to your new asset.

Can I finance an aircraft that’s located in a different state?

Yes – our network of finance consultants and vehicle inspectors gives you the flexibility to purchase an aircraft from anywhere across Australia.

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