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Looking For A Great Deal On Excavator Or Earthmoving Equipment Finance?

As Australia’s excavator and earthmoving equipment finance experts, we offer Australia’s best rates, professional Australia wide service, quick approvals, no/low doc finance, and flexible leasing options. Apply online today to receive instant pre-approval for your excavator loan or lease.

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Professional Service & Comprehensive Earthmover Finance Solutions Custom Tailored For You
Low Rates And Fees

We Offer The Most Competitive Rates In The Industry.
Approvals Within 24 Hours

Apply Online For Instant Pre Approval. Get Your Formal Approval Within 48 Hours In Most Cases.
No Financials Up To $1M

No Paperwork, No Financials, No Hassle.
Wide Range Of Lenders

We Have Access To The Widest Range Of Lenders Including The Big Banks & Specialist Financiers.
Easy Application

No Complicated Forms And Unnecessary Paperwork. Simply Apply Online Or Call 1800-334-345.
Professional Advice

Our Professional & Friendly Finance Consultants Specialise In Earthmover Finance And Have Extensive Experience In The Transport Industry. We'll Be With You Every Step Of The Way.

Why Us

Why Chevron Equipment Finance?

  • We understand the complexities of the civil industry and most importantly we understand the equipment required to get the job done. This means we can provide you with personalised solutions to meet the needs of your growing business so that you'll thrive, rather than just survive.
  • Our goal is to meet the needs of businesses that have been under-serviced by major banks or less diligent non-bank lenders, that´s why we have built strong relationships with those in the industry that can offer in-depth experience and high-quality finance products. As a result, you can focus on growing your business while knowing you've got the capital when you need it.
  • We finance both new and used machines, regardless of age, purchased through dealers, auctions & private sales.
  • We have an experienced and friendly team ready to help you with your funding requirements. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and achieving the best outcomes for our clients to ensure their success.
  • All of our finance approvals are obligation fee and our first answer is always ‘yes’.

Application is easy – simply apply online or call us on 1800-334-345.
Why Us

Australia’s Excavator & Earthmoving Equipment Finance Experts

Looking For Excavator And Earthmover Finance?

Earthmoving machinery finance is a complex task that is often underestimated by businesses. The difference between a good and bad funding portfolio on a fleet or equipment is the difference between whether that business can grow or will get caught in a constant cash flow struggle.

Earthmoving machines need to be considered as tools for work and the funding used to buy them needs to properly match their usage pattern to ensure there’s enough, but not too much, equity in the fleet. If you pay down your machines too quickly you will have too much equity sitting idle in depreciating assets which can be a large cost to the business.

If you have too little equity, you may find it difficult to sell your equipment if you need which increases your operating risk. Before you finance your next earthmoving machine it’s essential that you sit down with an equipment finance expert and your accountant to discuss the best method and loan products for your situation. This could save you thousands in the long run and give your business the ability to thrive, rather than just survive.

We are the equipment finance experts and can help you answer these questions in your business and provide the earthmoving & excavator finance you need. Enquire now for more information on our machinery finance products.

Case Study

A small client of ours that had been operating for 4 years and had a fleet of 11 dozers approached us to fund the purchase of a 2 year old dozer for $335,000 which he needed to take on a new job. We were able to get him an approval for the full amount of the dozer within 48 hours, without financials. This enabled him to get the new machine on site by the end of the week so he could take advantage of the new work and not have to lose money by hiring in a contractor.

Loan Process

The Application Process

We guarantee you'll find the application process easier than digging out a dam in a dozer with no air con!

  1. Complete The Pre Approval To Confirm You're Eligible For Finance

  2. Speak To One Of Our Brokers Who Can Answer Any Questions You May Have

  3. Send In Supporting Documents

  4. 24 Hours Later - APPROVED!

  5. Sign Documents

  6. Pick Up Your New Equipment!


Excavator & Earthmoving Equipment Finance Guide

Get more information on your earthmover and excavator finance

New Start Businesses

We are able to arrange no deposit finance for applicants with industry experience. Often a deposit or collateral security (such as another piece of equipment owned by the applicant) is required when financing an excavator for a start up business. However because we take the time to understand your business better we can often avoid or minimise the amount of equity you need to contribute. So please talk to one of our finance consultants to see how we can help you.

Securing The Best Rate

There are a number of factors that will affect the interest rate of your excavator loan. The best interest rates are offered on machines that are less than five years old at the time of purchase. We can also arrange finance for older equipment but the interest rate may not be as sharp based on the increased risk of an older asset. Lower interest rates may also be offered to an applicant if they have a stable business history with at least two years’ financial statements.

No & Low Doc Excavator Loans

We require no financial information whatsoever for loans up to $300,000 where the applicant has:

  • Been in business for at least two years;
  • Is a property owner (or has 20% deposit)
  • Has good credit history

Add some BAS statements and proof of good ATO conduct and you could be eligible for up to $1,000,000 in lending without any financials.

Securing The Best Rate

It may be more difficult to obtain finance if an applicant has a limited or poor credit history. However we have several lenders that will consider minor credit issues including rent-to-own products which are much more flexible than traditional lending options.


Excavator Finance FAQs

Here are the answers to some of our most often asked questions.

  • Can I finance a used excavator?

    Yes, we can find you finance for both new and used excavators.

  • Can I get an excavator loan without a deposit?

  • Can I get finance for more than one excavator?

  • Can you help me even if I have bad credit?

  • I’m interested in rent to own options for an excavator – can you help me?

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  • Can you help me with finance for my excavator?

  • Can I finance an excavator if I buy it from an auction or second hand?

  • How to get finance for a used excavator?

  • Which bank is best for an excavator loan?

  • How much deposit do I need to buy an excavator?

  • What is the best excavatorloan interest rate?

  • What is the oldest excavatora bank will finance?

  • How do you finance a new venture?

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  • Can I finance an excavator from an auction?

  • Can I get an excavator loan without financials?

  • Is it possible to refinance an excavator loan?

  • Can I borrow money against excavators I already own?

  • Is it possible to get an excavator loan with bad credit?

  • Can I finance an excavator that’s located in another state?

  • How long does it take to get an excavator loan?

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