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manifacture-imageManufacturing equipment finance is a very specialised field of equipment finance and covers funding assets such as 3d printers, lathes, CNC machines general factory fitouts. As the equipment if often custom designed and once installed difficult to remove, financiers are often reluctant to lend against manufacturing machinery.

Our equipment finance experts have years of experience dealing with these types of assets and go to great lengths to work with you to fully understand the value of the assets and how they are used so we can better inform the lenders, resulting in better approval outcomes.

Case Study: Recently we helped one small business owner in the timber industry acquire his competition by raising close to $400,0000 against the manufacturing equipment in the business. There were over 30 pieces of assorted equipment which ranged in value from $2,000 to $60,000, some of which was up to 40 years old.

We spent the time to fully understand our clients business and the assets of the new business and were able to present a case to the financier so they too could see the value in the assets. The result was our client was able to double the size of their business overnight through a strategic acquisition that was fully funded off the value of the assets in the business.

Chevron Equipment Finance can ensure you’re getting the most appropriate lending for your manufacturing equipment. We can also help spread the lending across several different financiers to lower your operating risk and cost of funds. This results in better funding approvals for your business equipment at cheaper rates. A great result!