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cat-imageMining equipment finance is a high stakes business where your funding structures and lenders can be the difference between whether or not you’re profitable and sustainable.

Mining equipment finance covers major mining operators and mining services providers such as equipment rental companies and provides flexible lending solutions to meet the cash flows of the mining contracts.

Tailored solutions are offered to ensure a fair balance between meeting the profile of the businesses cash flows whilst also balance ROI with equipment equity to not only ensure ongoing profitability though also sustainability across the price cycle.

Case Study: During the mining boom times we worked with a client who had major growth aspirations in mining services. He had an idea of where he wanted to get to and the work flow to support his goals however didn’t have a funding roadmap to get him there.

We worked with the client to understand the future funding needs of the business and were able to implement a funding strategy across many different lenders which amassed over $40m in lending without any banking covenants.

The transactions were structured to ensure there was sufficient ROI and free cash flow for growth, however they also worked to build equity in the equipment quickly. The combination of this equity and lack of banking covenants has allowed the business to ride out the worst of the commodity cycle and is now in an excellent position to capitalise on upcoming work as conditions improve.

By using multiple lenders to diversify your funding risk and implementing innovative lending structures you can not only lower the whole of life cost of funding but can also ensure the sustainability of your business. Chevron Equipment Finance can work with your business to develop a long term lending strategy which will increase your chances of success in a very competitive market.