The first in our customer interview series, Wade Perry is a 21 year-old guy that know where he wants to go in life and is not afraid to do the hard work to get there. Based in North Queensland during the sugar cane harvest season, Wade will be running his harvester near 7 days a week for 6 months.

The Australian cane industry supports some 4000 cane farmers throughout Queensland and produces around 4.5 – 5 millions tonnes of sugar. The sugar cane industry directly contributes between $1.5 billion and $2 billion to the States economy and supports around 10,000 people across the growing, harvesting, milling and transport sectors.

What sort of work do you do?

We run a cane harvester business in Northern Queensland. We work on a seasonal calendar. So from June to December we will be working basically 7 days per week on the harvest. Wade has been working on sugar cane harvests since he was 15 years old with his Father. During the “off season” Wade travels down to Victoria to work as an excavator driver.

Where is main area for the harvest?

Typically Nth Queensland to start with. Its is usually around the Mossman area and right down to an area South of Brisbane. I will main be operating the North End of Queensland.

What is type of equipment did you just purchase?

I just bought a 2009 Case 8800 harvester plus I have a 7700 harvester in the shed at home also. On the day it was being delivered it felt like a Christmas morning and I had to stop myself a couple of times from the calling the transport guys to find out where they were. I was pretty excited to see them arrive, I tell you that.

How was your Chevron Equipment Finance experience?

It was fantastic, I was dealing with Ray and he gave me all the information I needed from the start on how he was going to get me the harvester. After our first phone call I was pretty confident he was going to be able to help me get what I wanted. I always knew where we were at in the process and he was great at keeping me informed all the way.

What’s next for you?

Just continuing to grow my business, there are so many great opportunities out there for people that want to work and work hard for it. I love what I do and cant wait to get behind the wheel of that harvester.

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